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. imagine waking up to this muddy mess. it's what greeted daly city residents after a broken water main unleashed a torrid of mud. residents can are concerned about heavy rain in the forecast toward the end of the week, amber. >> reporter: ken, city workers planned to return to this neighborhood first light tomorrow morning to clean up the mess that's still here at hillside park. they'll preparing for the rain that's expected later this week. by nightfall crews were still spraying off what mud what left on sidewalks, roadways and vehicles after a day long vehicle records. a sight welcomed by neighbors. some said the mud soaked streets kept them from going to work. >> reporter: why couldn't you go to work? >> i could not drive out, i could not walk because it was 3 feet deep. >> reporter: another neighbor tried to drive through the mess, the result a wheel taped in mud and a note that read, will be picked up by insurance company. >> i told him he should not run the motor because i was worried the mud would fill the catalytic converter. >> i'm really scared that mud could come again. beca
when the ambulance arrived. live in oakland, ken wayne. >>> police in san francisco say a daly city woman has surrendered, and has admitted she is responsible for a hit and run accident involving a bicyclity. it happened monday in the presidio. the woman surrendered last night, after police reported that police were looking for a hit-and-run driver. the cyclist told us he suffered a major concussion. he also lost his bike, which he says was stuck to the front of the vehicle. the damaged bike was later found. police say the woman apologized, but is being charged with felony hit-and- run. her name still hasn't been released. >>> more problems tonight for toyota. the company is recalling hundreds of thousands of prius hybrids. many prius owners are just now hearing about this recall. >> reporter: frank, many toyota customers told us they bought a prius because of its gas mileage and dependability. tonight, school teacher marian mark drove her 2007 prius to the downtown toyota of oakland dealership to get her tires checked. she told us she wasn't aware of the latest recall. >> if there'
the weather any time including the forecast for your city. also live radar for storm tracker ii. >>> new video tonight of a fatal drive by shooting in oakland. witnesses tell us a car pulled up next to the victim's car. a person got out but unloaded shots into the vehicle where the teen was sitting. the shooting happened just after 7:00 on 26th avenue in the fruitvale. witnesses say the victim was a teenage boy who lived in the neighborhood. his name has not yet been released. there's no description so far of the shooter or the get away car. >>> president obama addressed the so called fiscal cliff today in his first public comment since election night. he said that he is open to compromise but as nicole collins reports he also laid down one major condition. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: president obama drawing a line on the sand saying any agreement on deficit reduction must include tax increases on the wealthy. >> we have to combine -- i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner reiterating his plan. the speaker
to future protests. >>> the city of san francisco is moving ahead with the first in the nation to pay for sex change operations, the city laps to pay for sexual reassignment surgery for people without health shurps. i n s u r ance. workers already receive transgender insurance. >>> free flu shots at the clinic by the bay as the facility celebrated the second an verse 8. staffers say they serve more than 1,000 uninsured adults in san francisco and daly city since they opened. doctors, nurses others other staff volunteer their time to offer health care services. >>> happening now, a benefit dinner dance is underway right now to benefit the family of slain highway patrol officer skwrupgstron. he was shot duringa a traffic stop on six80. the contra costa county county had a place that gave them the place, the dc so all 100% of the proceeds can go to the family. >>> 2003 settlement man dates department reform and oversight. they say opd has not fulfilled those requirements, they want a federal receiver to have powers toism phept changes. the city attorney says that would cripple the city a
." >>> now to the water main break that left the city much daly in mud. with a strong rainstorm and the forecast this week, there are concerns the hillsides that gave away yesterday morning could further erodes. with that in mind, crews are digging a ditch to a nearby storm drain group. >> what we're doing is creating a buffer zone to hold it in place so that the mud stays at least for the weekend because right now we're just fighting the weather. >> there's no word on how much damage the water main break and the mud slide caused, more than a dozen cars were buried, but have since been today out. >>> three men -- killer of -- as robert honda reports, sierra's father is hopeful about this new indication. >> reporter: and now, he faces three new charges for several kidnapping attempts during march 2009 at separate safeway parking lots in morgan hill. one witness at ktvu told he used a stun gun on her. >> so i saw sparks coming from the side, they looked like little electrical lines. >> reporter: sources tell us that stun gun is the main evidence connecting the then 17- year-old to
the burglars got in and the challenge is the size of the campus. it spans four city blocks, some areas only with low walls on the outside. >> the director wouldn't specify what was stolen but the history gallery includes valuable items from the gold rush era. the museum does have nurns for the entire collection but says it isn't the monitoring amount of the stolen items but the value that's priceless. she was installing additional security cam ras this afternoon and the director says they were reevalweight their security system. >> we are looking to see what more we can do in the areas surrounding the museum. >> the museum director says they do plan to open the museum as usual tomorrow and she says they hope that they will recover those stolen items. reporting live in oakland tonight, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now, to san francisco where a jury today found a 33-year-old man guilty of a long list of kriems in a series of sexual assaults on women in the mission district. >> we the jury in the above-entitled action find the defendant frederick a. dozier, guilty. >> the jury convicted frederick
:00. >> good evening, this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news out of redwood city. this is video of just about 15 minutes ago when news chopper two of over the scene involving a commuter train.and a car. it happened along the tracks at pennsylvania avenue along maple street. cal train says that the car stalled on the tracks and the driver and a child got out before the train hit the car. train traffic has been halted now for little more than an hour. >>> barack obama is back home after securing a second term in office. the president first lady, and their two daughters returned from chicago, aboard air force one, landing at andrews air force base. president obama won almost all the key swing states last night and then swept most western states, pushing him to victory over mitt romney. before leaving chicago today, the president made a surprise visit to this campaign headquarters in that city. volunteers reportedly broke into applause when he arrived followed by smiles and tears. the president also called key congressional leader from both parties shortly after elect
from europe. >>> the city of san jose is raising its minimum wage before the level set by the state. live at san jose state, and tells us the vote could be the start of a whole new trend. >> reporter: frank, if you work in san jose and make minimum wage, you're getting a raise. you just have to look across the street to find a business affected. at grande restaurante, it will soon cost more dough for these employees that make dough. >> increased prices reduces sales. it's kind of hard right now. >> reporter: increasing the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour. >> it means that i will be able to go off of food stamps, which i'm currently on, and i won't have to pick and choose between which bills i have to pay. >> it adds up over time. >> reporter: you can see by green on this map, the strongest support came from the downtown, northern, and eastern portions of san jose. >> it's obvious the voters of san jose really voted with their hearts, not their minds. >> reporter: starting next year, san francisco's rate will go up to $10.55 an hour. albuquerque, new mexico's wage will ri
strudel. so delicious...so fun. >>> special agents are targeting one city at a time going after gun owners. >> you will be close covered. >> reporter: locked and loaded, radios on. target city on this night. >> we'll search the residents. >> reporter: san leandro. >> initial contact is the most dangerous. robert slide around to the left. >> reporter: special agents from the california department of justice are on the hunt. >> it appears nobody is home at this time. >> reporter: but they keep moving. >> door to door from day into night looking for a number of people. >> 10:23, next one up is number six on the plan. >> reporter: people who they say lost their rights to own guns. but who still have them. >> these people have security doors, you can't see behind the security door when you're on the outside. >> reporter: he talks about the unknown and it's critical to point out because agents don't know what they're doing to find. they knocked on the door of a woman who was deemed mentally disabled and they found a gun and a shotgun and the bullets that go with it. >> she's prohibited until 20
in pictures, traffic is still very slow. >>> a union city neighborhood is in shock tonight as police investigate the death of a young man found in a trash can. a woman found him out her home her home yesterday joshua. perez, 21 died yesterday. >>> a car crash led to an argument and a shooting. and it happened on greenwood drive and greenwood course. the c.h.p. says that the drivers got out and began shooting on the one another. the other driver was taken though hospital is expected to survive. >>> gunfire in a menlo park neighborhood led police to round up four expected gang members. two homes were hit by bullets early this morning. police arrested four people, including two known members of a street gang that calls itself "the taliban." police also seized marijuana, assault rifles and a handgun. >> it's very, very quiet, i just don't understand how the violence that come in here. and i think it needs to stop. >> police say that the taliban gang was involved in another shooting ten days ago that injured four people. >>> police in santa rosa are following leads on the stabbing of a w
like this one. locomotives are pulling 41 refrigerated cars to new york city loaded with about a half million gallons of orange juice. the train -- this video is a really awesome time lap of that over 1200 mile journey. the train starrestarts in brade florida, through the trees and low-lyg areas into towns and cities. >> this is from the conductor's point of view. >> yep. normally takes about 48 hours. in this video, about 20 two minutes. >> i love this guy. he stops, cleans off the lens of the camera, train keeps going and eventually makes his way into jersey city, new jersey. the amount of orange juice they're carrying on the train is enough to give every new yorker one glass of juice. >> how sweet. >> a lot of orange juice. >> and it's cold and flu season. good to get the vitamin c. thanks for spending time with us and we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
to discuss university system finances. san jose's measure d,which raises the city's minimum wage from eight to ten dollars, passed by a substatial margin. now other cities across the country are looking to do the same and credit can go to students here. tyler huffman is live on campus with the story. thats right elliot. a group of students was able to initiate and campaign for measure d. and it all started during a classroom discussion two years ago at s-j-s-u... ">>>inside this building... in these hallways... in a classroom just like this... the campus alliance for economic justice group, also know as cafe j, came together to bring economic justice to san jose. the group created measure d during a class discussion... brooke wayne" "there was research, there was polling, there was petitioning, there was community organizing, there was phone banking, there was precinct walking, there was coilition building, there was a lot of steps." patrick quio participated in cafe j's debates on measure d, he thinks younger people have a louder voice than they think. patrick quio" "we're often told by th
of miscommunication. a young boy who was reported missing is now back home in daly city. and it turns out he didn't even know he was missing. amber lee tells us how police found this little boy. >> reporter: police tell us they used every resource available to find this little 11-year-old boy. he was found near palocita school at 11:00 p.m.. we went to the home of the boy. while we were speaking to the family, police called to tell us that the boy had been found and that they were trying to locate the father. when we told police we were with the family they asked us to let us know he was safe. >> police just found him. >> really. >> they just found him and they are going to call you any minute now. >> hello. >> mr. ren handed the phone to his stepson when detectives called because he doesn't speak english. >> hi, hi. okay where? >> reporter: in mandarin, the father thanks police. the boy's stepbrother says he is relieved. >> very happy right now. >> we caught up with father and son after they were reunited with each other. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> where did you go? >> to my friend's hous
: hundreds of people started their afternoon outside of oakland city hall protesting police brutality. >> we're not going to go away and just take this laying down. >> reporter: it was all in the name of 1- year-old alan blueford who was hit is-shot and killed by an oakland police officer last may. >> opd has systematic problems that they refuse to address and we're beyond the point that we need to address the issues. the blueford family and their supporters have held similar rallies, but today they had support from unions, including longshoremen. >> those were the kind of actions that the labor movement needs to take to put an end to this kind of police broughtality. it's happening too often. >> reporter: the protesters marched throughout oakland. >> alan was the light in this world. am was a good boy. >> reporter: alan blueford's mother led the way. >> we want justice for our son. >> reporter: prosecutors declined to file charges saying that officer masso acted in self-defense. oakland police are targeted by the often incendiary rhetoric. >> my job is to make sure that their message c
that spending is expected to pay off big for the city of livermore. [ cheering ] >> champagne, confetti. the celebration began this morning here on land where cows is to gray's analysis 132 high- end outlets. but for thousands of shoppers, getting here was an ordeal. this is interstate 580 at about noon today. cars backed up for miles especially lanes leading to the ultralight said to the mall. police blocked off side streets and it took us 45 minutes from the freeway exit. we apparently made good time. >> about an hour 15 from the turnoff. it was a hard thing. >> but at the mall people seem to buy everything in sight. >> i got a sweatshirt, a fleece shirt, a hat. >> the mall means 2000 jobs and is expected to add $2 million per year in sales tax, and have to pay for an additional 10 police officers. this is the first mall built in the bay area in 11 years. >> we have 543,000 feet of prime retail opening up and it's going so well, as 100 percent booked. >> some shoppers could work to come here. everything is discounted at least 25%. >> i got a little bit of everything. >> more than 100,
afghanistan. you're away from the big cities. >> how did they react amp you told them what these photos were? >> a lot is lost in communication. what often happens they'd think i've actually in some way accusing the first people i showed the pictures to, they said, listen, we know nothing about this. we're just simple farmers. >> sometimes there were awkward moments. >> we're going to -- one thing and how many buildings? and they say we're going to help you. where is the help? >> what was your initial response as you watched the reactions and heard the reactions of these people? >> i felt a bit like a lawyer asking questions. you know, you never ask a question unless you know the answer sort of thing. at the same time if these guys don't know what caused america's soldiers to come toll their own country, if you put yourselves in their shoes, i would have really liked to known why people are wandering around the area i was in. i felt kind of saddened for them. >>> it's julie's birthday. a friend thought it would be a great idea to get julie a bunch of lottery tickets. >> oh, my god. is that -
pad 3. now, we had a little problem with friday's giveaway in some cities. so we're tacking on an extra day to our giveaway. >> yep. adding an extra day and another ipad so we'll be doing this thing all the way through thanksgiving day. >> showing a little extra love. right, steven? >> right. in a bit we'll tell you monday's buzzword and how to enter. >> remember, you have to be 18 years or older to enter our giveaway. >> stand by for monday's buzzword and good luck, everybody. >>> in new york. maggie -- >> a lot to say about this next movie trailer. it's for a movie called "buffalo girl" it takes place in thailand and follows two young girls by the name of pet and stan. they're poor children, and to raise money to help support their family, they box. they're fighters. pet is 8, stan 10. you see them here training in the art of mai-tai and boxing. >> do they like it? do they enjoy it? do they want to do this? >> that's the story here. and that's the big question. are they doing it because they enjoy it, or are they doing it because they're being put up to it by their parents or maybe ju
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